Questions and Answers

What is a purity Mikveh?
It was decided by Chazal (sages of the Mishna and the Talmud) according to the Holy Spirit, that to purify from sin one should immerse in a ritual bath without separation, with the amount of water contained in it to be at least 40 seah of water that was not drawn by man.

Why a Mikveh in every house?
There are many public Mikvehs for men and that’s a good thing, but according to archeological findings, small ritual baths for a single person can be found in private homes all over the country. A men’s Mikveh in every house will allow the person immersing to reach full suitability in the immersion process: cleanliness, quiet, comfortable schedule, water temperature, and so on. These things are hard to achieve in a public bath.

Today, a men’s Mikveh in every house is an uncommon phenomenon. Why is it important?
True, but it can change and that is what we aspire to, with the understanding of the importance of the immersion in the Mikveh for a man. As with every practical Mitzvah we perform, there is a great fear that we may perform it without the right intentions regarding the magnitude of its effect on a man. The effects of the immersion in the ritual bath on a man last all day, when the direction is toward sensation, vision, and pure and inner thought on reality. It is redundant to go to a Mikveh and afterwards be angry with those around you. A home bath is therefore better for this connection.

Where can the Mikveh you offer be executed?
The Mikveh, as a rule, has to be attached to the ground by materials that come from the earth- stone, concrete, plaster etc. Therefore, it is most convenient to build in a house, on the ground. It is possible to build it in hatches in buildings, but a foundation and columns that can bear its weight must be prepared (about a ton for every square meter, like in the foundation for a Residential Secure System, or Mamad).

What is the unique service you offer?
Many rabbis and contractors know how to build a home Mikveh, and may there be more like them.
The service we offer is to those who want to build a Mikveh in their home in the method we demonstrate on the website. The service includes planning of all that’s required by the buyer in the manner specific to the location, but the immersion pool is set according to the included plans. A Hashaka basin can be added.
Execution of construction is done by God fearing Jews, who are experienced professionals, under a construction engineer’s supervision, and using the unique metal molds that are in possession of Chefetz Ha’Uma Association. All other work is to be performed by the plan and specifications agreed upon with the buyer in an ordinary fashion.
Contractual communication for execution will be between the buyer and the contractor.

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